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As I am a self-taught woodworker, I have had very little formal training in the craft.  I believe in learning by doing.   Things always work out easily on paper, but the process of gettings from paper to real life is always a challenge.  When something works out, that's great, but when it doesn't, that's when I learn the most.


I have read countless books and magazines over the years covering covering a vast array of topics both wood and non-wood related:  Design, Joinery, Finishing, Proportion, Tool Selection and use, Wood Properties, and Art books of all styles and mediums.  There are so many factors influencing designs and techniques that I try to be as broad as possible when seeking inspiration for a new piece.


I have been fortunate to come across some very talented woodworkers over the years, and have picked up a great deal of useful information and tips. 


The Northern Woods Exhbition is put on by the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild Annually every spring


  • 2006  Best Turning : Skewed Checks With Diamonds Bowl
  • 2007  Most Technically Accomplished : Round Cherry Parquetry Table
  • 2008  Best Finish : Bubinga Coffee Table
  • 2009  Most Technically Accomplished : Parametric Bench


I have also worked with world-class veneer guru Thomas Schrunk.  Most recently on his 4th art case piano for Steinway Pianos in the spring of 2011.  It truly a thing of wonderment with an exotic veneer design in several types of burled veneer.